the musical cd


The literature part is composed of 69 poetries subdivided into 6 sections, and its final realization is between 2007-2008, even if this project has its roots to beginning of the century. The musical part consists of a CD, within the book, made up of 10 songs, ranging from a reflective and acustics music (sometimes with reciting voices) to a rock contaminated by all the styles of the last decades.
The musical fulfilment took place in February-July 2008 at the Elfo studio of Tavernago-Piacenza (Italy).

“Caostwothousand is the raving synthesis of this unforeseeable and chaotic beginning of third millennium. The new fight between images and words. The potential and continuous evolution
(or involution) of human race…”

Caostwothousand live-shows.

As well as the author Gabriele Finotti’s presence, exclusively in the literary situations of official presentations, we will have several possible performance of Caosduemila:
-Acoustic Concert
-Acoustic Concert + showing of the video or short of Caosduemila
-Presentation + showing of the video or short of Caosduemila
-Rock Concert           

Gabriele Finotti guitar and reciting voice, Alessandro Chiesa voice, guitar and  reciting voice, Melody Castellari voice and reciting voice and  Lorenzo Poli as artist director.
And more guests on the grounds of the performance.

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