Caos Duemila: libro di poesie e cd musicale di Gabriele Finotti



the musical cd

INTRODUCTION (Reciter - Fioretta Mari)

The night is black and full of lights.
The blades cuts, and if fiery blinds.
The thunder makes itself heard,
and who want graze it perceive
by sitting the cry of a baby,
evidence of noise for many,
music of innocence instead,
for the designers of the soul!
Fleeting, not only in the water,
the siren comes along,
sharp and silent woman,
which makes use of the Ocean as plaything
and the eternal as hourglass!
Dresses in violate the peacock and its tail,
conqueror or image of a real image,
saw by the colour-blind eyes of the same real?
The flesh has a rest and so its shadows,
as the destiny sings the unknown.
Then the day come back,
sometimes dark and poor of love,
made of matter and only introduction.

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Everything begins by chance and ends with the collaboration of Destiny, in between, our Life.” G. Finotti
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